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Drain Backups Causes

There are 3 common problems that cause drain or sewer backups. Each is serious drain malfunction and its recommended that they’re fixed by a licensed professional.

Clogged Pipe

According to several reports, the most common items removed by plumbers from drain lines are sanitary napkins, Q-tips, hair, grease, and foods. These along with other items block drain lines causing the waste water to come back up and resurface at the lowest drain point.

Storm Flooding

The ground area surrounding a home can only accommodate so much rainwater. When there is too much rain, water overloads the city sewer system and causes a backup in ones basement. The city should take responsibility when backups involve the city sewer system. City sewer backups are normally detected after a flood.

Improper Installation or Connection of Pipes

Drain system is a complex piping system and should be only installed by a licensed professional. If your property drain system has been poorly installed or repaired pipe can fail causing blockages and backups.

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