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Discover the Optimal Cleaning Service for Your Business, Corporate or Commercial Drainage System – Proper, Quick & Affordable!

Drain issues in your business or workplace can be equally difficult or even more of an issue to those in your residential property, when trying to derive a solution. The amount of work that needs to be completed in order to get your drain or sewer working smoothly again takes a greater amount of time and dedication to assess, diagnose and repair appropriately. Running your business or commercial property can be overwhelming and time-consuming enough, which is why you should trust Canadian Rooter to service your drain cleaning needs.

Our experienced and reliable drain experts are your top solution for keeping your business sewer, septic and drain systems working top notch!

Our services possess a far reach and cover these commercial properties:

  • Industrial Facilities (Warehouses, Manufacturing Companies, Factories…)
  • Recreational Facilities (Health Clubs, Gyms, Community Centers …)
  • Washing Operations (Laundromats, Car Wash’s…)
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Schools

Examples of Drain Clog in Commercial Settings

The damage dealt on drain and sewer pipelines in individual industrial properties can be different due to the nature of how plumbing systems operate in the building. The following are examples of drain clogging and drain repair problems that occur in commercial settings:


In any healthcare facility, a spotless, clean, sterile environment is always completely necessary to protect patients during recovery and treatment, as well as hospital staff. Drains must be regularly monitored and assessed to ensure there is no water contamination, that can spread further illness through the hospital.

Drain cleaning will completely dissolve build up from the drainage system and restore the flow of clean flowing water throughout the facility.


You would assume that continually cleaning and mopping floors in warehouses would have no bad effect… Wrong. Believe it or not, one the most common causes of drain buildup in warehouses is because of mop water. Mop water contains a significant amount of contaminated substances, accumulated through sludge and solids from warehouse floor.

It is important in warehouses to keep up with consistent maintenance of floor drains so that warehouse operations run smoothly.

Commercial Kitchens

Large commercial kitchens pose a unique problem in terms of drainage, due to the continual amounts of grease, fat and oil buildups. Kitchen staff should pay close attention, regularly to the quality of their drainage systems and the dirt buildup that compiles over time on their floors. Bacteria growth is the last thing you want in an environment handling food because it can lead to a number of issues relating to municipal health codes.

Canadian Rooter offers some of the most reliable and competitive services for industrial and commercial drain cleaning in the GTA:

  • Hydrowater Jetting Service
  • Sewer and Septic Cleaning
  • Vacuum Pumping (Sewers, Drains, Catch Basins and Septic Tanks)
  • Grease Trap Cleaning

Our drain crew is dedicated to the accurate assessment and cleaning of your commercial property drainage systems.

Contact us today at (416)-343-0247 for a FREE consultation and be on your way to a cleaner, safer, more efficient drainage system for your business!