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drain cleaning

Quality, Local Drain Cleaning Service by GTA’s Leading Drain Experts!

Clogged drain pipes can be both, minor clog issues that are dealt with simple tools and a right technique or severe blockages that go beyond the first couple of feet of the drain pipe and require a more sophisticated approach. Here at Canadian Rooter we promise you the correct diagnosis of the problem, a FREE, No-Obligation Estimate(on the spot) and that regardless of complexity your drain problem will be solved!

What Causes the Blockage?

More often than not, blockages in your home’s pipe and drain systems happen because of poor disposal of waste in toilets, sinks and your bathtub.

Knowing how to properly get rid of paper products, cooking materials and other household wastes is extremely important. For example, you should never flush anything down your toilet that is not human waste and a minimal amount of toilet paper. The outcome could be far more than just a backed up toilet but over time, a backed up drain and sewer. Also, use your trash or compost bin increasingly more than your kitchen sink drain for disposing of gravies, sauces and grease because continual pouring into your drain could cause major blockages.

If you successfully learn and put these tips to practice, you will greatly reduce the chance of ever having any serious drain blockages in your home!

Canadian Rooter plumbers use the latest drain and sewer cleaning technology to accurately assess the source of your blockage and remove it timely and competently!

Our Drain Services:

  • Drain Unclog & Unblocking
  • Drain Root Removal
  • Drain Flushing/Clean-out
  • Drain Snaking
  • Drain Power Jetting
  • Sewer Clean-out

Don’t hesitate to call your leading Drain Cleaning and Unclogging service technicians today!

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