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A Power Flush or a Jet is a drain/sewer clearing machine that uses a pump and motor system to deliver water at different volumes and pressures to remove whatever is in its way. It is great for drain and sewer maintenance, removing mineral deposits and corrosion, industrial pipe and tube cleaning, and removing chemical waste, grease and hair and food blockages in drains. It highly effective for cleaning:

  • Sewer lines & systems
  • Grease tanks & lines
  • Catch basin lines
  • Storm systems
  • Stack lines
  • Drain jetting
  • Pump chambers & lines
  • Rain Leaders
  • French or perimeter drains
The advantages of using Power Flushing are:
  • Fast Set Up
  • Easy Access to Remote Locations
  • Accurate and Thorough
  • Root Removal Ability

At Canadian Rooter we use high pressure water jetting technology, for effectively removing sediment, grease, and waste - thoroughly cleaning the inside of your drains and sewer pipes.

We Offer:

  • Drain/Sewer PowerFlushing
  • Drain/Sewer Jetting
  • Drain/Sewer Snaking & Unclogging

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