Weeping Tile

Weeping Tile Problems?

Weeping tiles are underground pipes installed around your foundation that keep water away from your home. They are a crucial component of your drainage system. However, when a weeping tile is not installed properly or is not diconnected from the city sewer, it can cause a back up into your basement.

Watch the video below for an example of how it should be installed.

If your weeping tile and downspout are not disconnected, or if your plumbing contractor connected the weeping tile into your main drain line instead of a sump pump pit, it's just a matter of time before you get flooded.

In addition, having a backwater valve will not prevent flooding as the weeping tile water will simply accumulate in the drain system (on the internal side of backwater valve) and will eventually overflow into your basement drain, toilet or shower near by.

Here's an illustration curtesy of Region of Halton.

If you have been experiencing flooding despite having a backwater valve installed or would like to get your weeping tile inspected - we can help.

Our Weeping Tile Services

  • Weeping tile inspection
  • Backwate valve inspection
  • Weeping tile & downspout diconnections
  • Sump pump installation & repairs
  • Instructions on claiming the rebate (if applicable)


Before we send someone out to inspect your drain lines we'd like to have a phone call to ensure we can help. Please click the button below to schedule your callback or call us directly.

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  • Complimentary Phone Consultation
  • Expert, Licensed Plumbers
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  • Service from a 5 Star, Award Winning Company

Recent Reviews

AMAZING service & results! We had a sewer backup, the city wouldn't help without a 'proper access pt' and a previous plumber who cracked our toilet tank. Mike came out to investigate w/ camera, snaked the drains, helped us understand our options, talked w/ the city on our behalf, had the cleanout w/ back-water valve installed the next day & went out of his way to get us a new toilet (at cost) & even installed it for us FREE when the other guy wouldn't even come back to look. We have already recommended Mike & Canadian Rooter to friends & family. This company really came through for us!

- Michelle & Mark

A sewage backup required emergency work, inside and outside. Naz came out to assess the plumbing situation and had a crew there quickly. The front lawn was dug up and the clog located and repaired. A backup valve was installed and the hole filled in. Because a large tarp was used, the lawn looked the same after the work was completed. Efficient, speedy, friendly service with explanations along the way to satisfy our questions. Because of two major flooded basements from rain storms, a waterproofing of the basement was required. Naz was called again. Again his crew arrived on time, completed the work quickly, protected the work site, and cleaned up well afterwards. They even changed a corroded downpipe that was not included in the original estimate,. I was totally satisfied with both projects. Well done Naz, Walter and the others!

- Bob

After having the sewer back up last year, we were not willing to live that nightmare again. The guys put in a back flow valve and sump pump. All the staff were very professional. They showed up in a timely manner. I highly recommend this company.

- Cathy

Exceptional Service, second to none! My family was devastated due to numerous basement flooding each time it rained this spring. Mike came to the rescue and offered solutions to our problems. Each time they did a project, his team was efficient, courteous, and professional. Mike walked us through the specifics of installing a sump pump and waterproofing. He ironed our worries gave us peace of mind. Our sump pump works efficiently. The landscape at my front garden was exactly the same before the excavation. As if no one stepped on it! They really clean after their debris. That big job was done in two days. The quality of their work is outstanding. Their attitude is great. Nick fixed the leak on our meter working around the time slot when the city could shut off form the city's main line. I recommended Canadian Rooter to my neighbour and she called Mike the next day. She was also happy about the service (sump pump), and called them for another project. I am a very satisfied customer!

- Josie