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Drain Snaking

Are you having a drain emergency?

Armed with the most recent tools, including electric drain augers, or “snakes”, our technicians are best equipped to handle, clear, and remove any blockages in sewers and drain pipes. You can rest assured knowing that your draining problems are in excellent hands.

We can help you clear:

  • Toilet clogs
  • Kitchen clogs
  • Shower & Tub clogs
  • Grease tanks & lines
  • Catch basin lines
  • Storm systems
  • Stack lines
  • Pump chambers & lines
  • French or perimeter drains
  • Tree Roots in drain pipes
  • Drain & Sewer Backups
  • All types of residential and commercial drains

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Sewer Pit Replacement By Best Plumber Toronto


I had an old sewer pit in the house with improper lid, which didn't seal the pit properly, could feel the sewer smell in the basement. Called several companies and every one of them said the only way is to replace the whole pit (they can't make a custom lid for the existing one). Other companies quoted more than $4000 for the job, plus 2-3 days of work(=several days of mess in the house). I tried to resolve the issue by other means: installed a fan, tried to seal the pit in different ways. Nothing helped. A friend of mine suggested them as a reliable and reasonable company. They came the next day after my call, gave me a much better quote ($1000 less than other companies), did an amazing very clean job in 1 DAY! Since then, my problem was resolved - no more sewer smell in the house. The pit works perfectly and will last a long time. I am very satisfied with their services and wish I knew about them earlier and didn't spend money on other stuff that didn't work. Would definitely recommend to everybody I know.